TEDxBrum – Twitter Sketches

Here’s some quick sketch of Twitter traffic for TEDxBrum this morning.

There have been about 1100 tweets between midnight this morning and the first break. I’ve had to scale down #TEDxBrum & #MarkingTheMap so they fit, otherwise they’d be 5 or 6 times the width of the page. Click for a bigger image.
Tweets Wordle till Sat first break 1680x969

Here’s a map of  the Twitter users who have tweeted about TEDxBrum up until the first break.  I haven’t had time to analyse the clusters yet, but I see some technology people in the yellow group, social and political in red. Any other interpretations

Tweeters Till Sat AM graph - org2  1680x1187

Here’s another map of about 90 of the 300 attendees, using twitter handles supplied at registration and some quite clear cluster appearing:

Attendees (about 90 out of 300) - Twitter connection Map

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