Visualising Birmingham Elections 2014

I’ve done some visualisations of voting patterns in Birmingham at the 2014 council elections. Head over to The Data Mine to see the full set, and if you want to leave comments, put them here, as the company website doesn’t allow commenting!


Visualisation of Voting in Birmingham Council Elections 2014

See more details on each ward and party on The Data Mine. Comments welcome below…


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Data miner, interested in data visualisation, open data & commercial projects. Founder of Birmingham R User Meeting.
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10 Responses to Visualising Birmingham Elections 2014

  1. nikki pugh says:

    I’d be interested to see the “% of Vote, Ordered by XXX Party Votes” visualisations on a map of the wards somehow. What are the geographic trends?

    How would it make sense? One for each party; decreasing opacity of ward in proportion to % of vote?

    • thedatamine says:

      Nice idea Nikki – One map of whole city per party with wards coloured & opacity according to % of vote. e.g some would be deep red, some pale red on the Labour map. I had wondered about mini-pie charts super-imposed on a map, but I’m not sure how effective that would be. Probably won’t get chance to try as I’ve proper work to get on with this Bank Hol!

  2. david says:

    Do you have the total votes cast for each of the parties? Not on BCC website. Thanks.

  3. sciamachy says:

    Note that Stockland Green polled no Green votes because they had no Green candidate. I’d have voted Green given the chance to do so.

  4. G Elcock says:

    needs to be re-done with the percentage who didn’t vote included in each diagram, I suspect couldn’t be bothered would win every ward but it might more accurately represent the so called UKIP surge as being a minority of a minority

  5. Vicki says:

    Can you do something similar for the UK with European results? We need some images that don’t present purple dominance!

  6. Brian Homer says:

    Great stuff but I find stacked graphs hard to interpret as in this use for exampleit is hard to compare each party across wards.

  7. ryuhadoken says:

    Brilliant thanks for making this. It’s very interesting.

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