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TEDxBrum – Tweets Up Until the End of Afternoon Break

So far, I’ve recorded 4395 tweets mentioning “TEDxBrum” or “MarkingTheMap”. Here’s what they said… Or if you prefer a black background: Again, thanks to Wordle!

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TEDxBrum – Twitter Discussion Till Lunchtime

I’m doing Twitter analysis for TEDxBrum 2013. There have been some amazing speakers so far and more to come. Here’s a Wordle showing what people on Twitter have been discussing up until lunch. Click for a bigger view…

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TEDxBrum – Twitter Sketches

Here’s some quick sketch of Twitter traffic for TEDxBrum this morning. There have been about 1100 tweets between midnight this morning and the first break. I’ve had to scale down #TEDxBrum & #MarkingTheMap so they fit, otherwise they’d be 5 … Continue reading


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Twitter Map Portrait of TEDxBrum

TED & TEDx are brilliant events with high quality speakers talking about interesting things. If you haven’t checked them out before, have a look at the TEDxBrum and TED  websites. Last year I mapped the social network impact of TEDxBrum. … Continue reading

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Mapping Birmingham’s Food Scene

Our Approach Starting with a list of about a dozen twitter accounts in Birmingham’s Food Scene, supplied by our friends @PopUpDosa, we identify who is most interested in the scene, then look at who else they follow in order to … Continue reading

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Big Data, Bigger Data and Big R Data

My recent talk at the Birmingham R User Meeting (BRUM) was on Big Data in R. Different people have different definitions of big data. For this talk,  my definition of big data is: “Data collections big enough to require you … Continue reading

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Quick Visual Profile of Conservative Party Followers on Twitter

Overview of the Accounts Most Followed by @Conservative Followers Please click pictures to see  the high resolution versions Political Afficianados The “I love Celebs” Segment Lost Americans

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Thatcher Tweets – A (Northern) Visual History

[One small warning – if you might be offended by some of the swear words or disrespectful phrases actually used on Twitter, please (i) don’t read further (ii) don’t complain! Some people can be quite rude.  If you’re interested in … Continue reading

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